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Student Handbook » Attendance



Good attendance is essential for learning.  Students are expected to be present and on time for all classes.  When a student returns to school following an absence, parents/guardians should send a note to the classroom teacher stating the reason for the absence within 3 days.  If the student does not bring a note, the absence will be marked unexcused.  According to NC state statute, our school must notify parents by letter when a student has three, six, and ten UNEXCUSED absences.  If a student has more than ten total absences, a conference may be required with the school attendance committee.  The school will contact parents when there are questions or concerns about a student’s absences.  Students and parents are responsible for knowing the attendance policy.  Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in school. Missing school creates a genuine hardship for a student and is regarded as a serious problem.

Excused Absences  

The Wilkes County Board of Education shall excuse the temporary absence of a student upon showing satisfactory evidence of one of the following reasons (see WCS policy 4400):

  1. Illness or injury
  2. Quarantine
  3. Medical or dental appointment
  4. Court or administrative proceeding
  5. Death in the immediate family
  6. Religious observance.
  7. Educational opportunity

A student must be present at least ½ of the instructional day to be counted present.


Tardies are disruptive to the instructional day. A student is tardy if he/she is not in the classroom, seated and ready to begin morning work by school start time at 7:50 am. Tardies are noted on your child’s record. Each instance when a student is late to school or checks out of school early, whether the student returns to school or not, is counted as a tardy. Three (3) unexcused tardies shall constitute one unexcused absence. Please provide excuse notes from medical providers if students must check out for appointments.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to get the student to school on time and to make sure that he/she is not tardy.

Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

When a student arrives on the school grounds, he/she should report immediately to their designated area. When reporting to school late, a parent/guardian should accompany the student to the office to check in. Once a student has arrived on the school campus, he/she may not leave the grounds without parental permission and permission from the principal or assistant principal. Parents/guardians checking students out early must do so at the main office. The office staff will assist parents/guardians in signing students out of school. Parents/guardians can designate other adults in PowerSchool who may pick up children. A photo I.D. may be required. Written permission is necessary for anyone other than parents/guardians/emergency contacts to check out a student. Students checking out early with someone other than parents/guardians/emergency contacts should bring a note to the office first thing in the morning, so the office staff may verify checkouts. School starts each day at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m.  Checking a student out in the lobby area is not allowed after the 3:05 dismissal bell. Once the dismissal bell has rung students will need to be picked up using the car line or PM walk-up procedures.