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Students are expected to be present and punctual for all classes throughout the year.  When a student returns to school following an absence, parents/guardians or physician should send a note to the classroom teacher stating the reason for the absence within 3 days. If the student fails to bring a note, the absence will be marked unexcused.  According to NC state statute, parents will be sent a letter when a student has three, six, and ten UNEXCUSED absences.  If a student has more than ten total absences, a conference may be required with the school attendance committee. Office personnel, guidance counselors, the school social worker, or teachers will call parents when there are questions or concerns about a student’s absences.  Students and their parents are responsible for knowing the attendance policy.

Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in school.  Most subjects are taught in sequence requiring the understanding of each concept in the order of its presentation.  Persistent absenteeism creates a genuine hardship for a student and is regarded as a very serious problem.

Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

When a student arrives on the school grounds, he/she should report immediately to their designated area.  When reporting to school late, a parent/guardian should accompany the student to the office to check in.  Once a student has arrived on the school campus, he/she may not leave the grounds without parental permission and permission from the principal or assistant principal.

Parents/legal guardians checking students out early must do so at the main office.  The secretary/receptionist will assist parents/legal guardians in signing students out of school.  Written permission is necessary for anyone other than parents/legal guardians to check out a student.  Students checking out early, with someone other than parents/legal guardians, should bring a note to the office first thing in the morning, so the secretary/receptionist may verify any and all checkouts with the parents/legal guardians.  A photo I.D. may be required. School starts each day at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m. Checking a student out in the lobby area is not allowed after the 3:05 dismissal bell. Once the dismissal bell has rung students will need to be picked up using the car line or PM walk-up procedures.

Excused Absences  

The following list of circumstances is the only lawful reasons for school absence.  The Wilkes County Board of Education shall excuse the temporary absence of a student upon showing of satisfactory evidence of one of the following bases:

  1.  Illness or injury
  2.  Quarantine
  3.  Medical or dental appointment
  4.  Court or administrative proceeding
  5.  Death in the immediate family
  6.  Religious observance.
  7.  Educational opportunity

(Refer to WCS Attendance Policy)  A student must be present at least ½ of the instructional day to be counted present. The importance of prompt and regular attendance cannot be too greatly emphasized. A good attendance record is related to high student achievement.


Tardies are disruptive to the instructional day. A student is tardy if he/she is not in the classroom, seated and ready to begin morning work by school start time, which is 7:50 AM. Tardies are noted on your child’s record.  Each instance when a student is late to school or checks out of school early, whether the student returns to school or not, is counted as a tardy. Three (3) unexcused tardies shall constitute one unexcused absence. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to get the student to school on time and to make sure that he/she is not tardy.