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S.O.A.R. Stay Safe, Outstanding Attitude, Always Respectful and Responsible.
Public Notice

Inclement Weather & Remote Learning Procedures 23-24

Here in the foothills of western North Carolina, winter weather can be unpredictable.  It is not uncommon for us to have 60 degree days and blue skies in the same week as snow or freezing rain.  We want to be ready when winter weather arrives.
General Inclement Weather Procedures
We sent home WCS inclement weather procedures in November.  You can review those inclement weather procedures on the WCS website.  Link to WCS Inclement Weather Procedures
WCS makes all decisions regarding school delays, early dismissals, and school cancellations.  Please look to official sources for accurate information - the WCS website, WXII website, and the official WCS Facebook & Twitter pages.  You will also be notified by School Messenger.  
In the case of an early dismissal, we will follow the plan you defined at the start of the year for your child. If you need to make a transportation change for your child on an early dismissal day, we recommend sending a ClassDojo message to your child's teacher.  
Limited Bus Routes for Central District
Please note that we have several limited bus routes in the Central District.  Here is a list of limited bus routes.  If a route is limited, the bus will NOT travel on your street in either morning or afternoon.  If you live on a dirt road, your road will be limited even if not noted on the official list.
Remote Learning Information
In some cases, WCS may declare a remote learning day.  We will share activities for students to work on from home.  Teachers will check in with students and will be available if help is needed.
We are sharing information regarding remote learning day 1 below so that families can plan in advance and respond quickly if remote learning occurs unexpectedly.  We will add remote learning day information as the calendar requires.
Remote Learning Day 1 (date not yet determined)
  • Click here for a link to our "It's a Remote Learning Day!" Smore page.  This page has activities for all students.  This page can be translated by using the translation button at the top.
  • Your child's teacher will reach out to you on remote learning days via Class Dojo or by phone.  Please be sure to reply or respond. Two-way communication is required to document your child's attendance.  Teachers will be available at 9:00 and 1:00 via Zoom to help if needed.  
  • Your child will return completed work to their teacher when we return to school.
  • We have also provided a downloadable pdf of Remote Learning Day 1 activities below.  It is not necessary to print activities, but we want to share for families who prefer that format.