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S.O.A.R. Stay Safe, Outstanding Attitude, Always Respectful and Responsible.
Public Notice

2023 - 2024 School Supply List

Please see our updated school supply list for the 2023-2024 school year.
We have tried to trim the list down to the basics so most items can be easily found at back to school sales.
Generally, simple supplies work the best.  Any brand is fine on materials, and while some teachers specified brands on some items, those are totally optional.  
While we know kids love the fancy binders, mechanical pencils, and 264 box of crayons, students don't need those things and they often don't fit in our desks. 
Teachers also welcome frequently used classroom supplies such as kleenex, wipes, or hand sanitizer. 
Pre-k students need a book bag, a change of clothes, and a cuddle blanket for nap time.  Other supplies are provided by NC Pre-K.
We also welcome any extra donations of student supplies.  If you'd like to donate school supplies, you can deliver them to Vanessa Simmons in the office who will make sure they go to kids who need them.  
We realize you may not be able to get everything on the list, and that is okay.  If you need help getting supplies, please contact our school counselor Rachel Minick at 336-838-4261 or by email to [email protected] after August 18, 2023.   
We have shared the supply list with local stores, and we have also attached a downloadable list that can be reached by clicking on the title above.  
We look forward to seeing you back at school soon! School Starts August 28th.