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Public Notice

Thank You Playground Donors!

Last year, we learned that WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!  One of the hardest (and most exciting) things we did was raise enough money to install a brand new playground.
The new playground has been under construction all summer.  Our students spent the three weeks of the year watching as a team of installers brought our Big Toy playground to life.  They watched as the ground was prepared, the foundations were dug and laid, the towers were erected, the slides put in place, and the mulch was blown in.  Our fifth graders even calculated the volume of recycled wood fibers it would take to fill the space.
It's been a long time coming, but our new Big Toy playground will be ready for play on Monday, September 20.  
It was with the generous support of many, many donors and believers that Wilkesboro Elementary School was able to fund this momentous event.  Thank you to the children who asked parents, family, friends, neighbors, and businesses to help bring our special play space to life.  We couldn't have done it without your hard work and determination!

We would like to share a special thank you to the Stone Family Foundation.  Your seed gift with 2019 Wishing Well grant helped us dream big.  Our playground team did its research, our students chose the equipment, and through your generous matching support, we are able to make this wish a reality.
We also are indebted to many other generous grants and gifts including those by the groups listed below.  
  • Stone Family Foundation
  • The Health Foundation, Inc.
  • Kulynych Family Foundation II, Inc. (in honor of Mr. Thomas Edgar (Ed) Story, III and Mr. T.E. Story
  • Leonard G. Herring Family Foundation
  • The Spears Family
  • WindowWorld
In addition, we are thankful to families who provided funding for specific parts of our playground.
  • Climb in memory of Hunter Brown.
  • Slide in honor of Kilby Quinn Handy.
  • Spin in honor of Lucy and Sophia McBride.
  • Swing in loving memory of Reese Huskey.
We'd also like to recognize many donations were made in honor and memory of special people in our students' lives.  We have these noted on signage at the playground.  Thank you to our families for recognizing these beloved people.
Great things are accomplished by many smaller things brought together, and we appreciate and share our gratitude to everyone who contributed to this project.  We've compiled a list of our generous donors and send grateful and heartfelt appreciation to you all.  We've tried to be as inclusive as possible with this list, and if we've omitted your donation, please let us know at spearsr@wilkes.k12.nc.us and we will update the list.
We'd also like to thank Chris Yang and his team for Carolina Parks and Play for helping bring this dream to life.  We have been working with them since March 2020 to design and construct this playground.
We will kick of this playground with a bang!  All students will enjoy the playground beginning Monday, September 10.  We look forward to hosting a community playground dedication in October where our donors, families, and community members can come together in the name of PLAY!
Keith at the 50's
Brandon Absher
Oscar Armend Acosta
Jacob Adams
Matt Adams
Anitra Adams
Jacob Adams
Carlos Alberto
Lellena Amalris
Ellen Anderson
Jessica Anderson
Bobby and Helen Anderson
Nicole Anderson
Jay Anderson
Jimmy Ashley
Judy Ashley
Ivey Atkins
Tilley's Auto Sales
Dwight Phillips Auto Sales
Northwest Automotive
D. Avaya
Jash Avaya
Brandon Ayers
Ashley and Stacey Backus
Jackie Badger
Judy Bainbridge
Jennifer Baker
Michael and Denise Baldwin
Amber Gambill
Bob Barders
Gabriela Bare
Beth Bare
Carol Barnes
Scott Barnes
Ashley and Dave Barton
Brandon Barnes
Lisa Becker
Gary Benesh
Diane Benesh
Bill Bennett
Mary Bennett
Kent Bennett
Laura Bennett
April Bennington
Jan Bentley
Brandon Berry
Rebecca Berman
Ean Billings
Katie Blankenship
Danielle Blevins
Brandy Blevins
Magaly Bonilla
Xiomara Bonilla
Dania Bonilla
Ray and Chris Boone
Chris Bosse
Kate Bosse
Kelly Bridges
David Brooks
April Brown
Debra Brown
Bishop Brown
Ronnie Brown
Lewis and Kathy Brown
Hilda Broyhill
Gracie Bruck
Kristie Bryan
Heather Buchanon
Kylah Bullock
Donna Bumgarner
Wiley Bumgarner
Joseph Bumgarner
Mark Bumgarner
Evelyn and Terry Bumgarner
Ellie Caldwell
Jeff and Kristy Caldwell
David and Monica Call
Kelsey Call
Vickie Call
Rick Call
Kathy Call
Randy Call
Jessica Call
Sam and Sara Call
Judy Campbell
Specialty Car Company
Jennifer Cardwell
Cox Lawn Care
Brenda Carpenter
Grey Carroll
Lisa Carver
Michael and Brenda Carver
Neil Cashion, Jr.
Gilberto Castillo
Salvador Castillo
Isabelle Castillo
Gary and Susan Caudill
Scott and Bonnie Caudill
Vickie Caudill
Arturo Centeno
Yesenia Centeno
Paula Ch
Darren Childress
Ken and Carolyn Christener
Rhetta Christmas
Paula Church
Kim Church
Annette Church
Shannon Miller's Class
Chris and Debi Claycomb
Beth Cleary
Carol Cleary
Mary Clement
Tesla Clonch
Katrina Clonch
Lakyn Cochran
Yvonne Cockerham
James Cockerham
Brandon Cockerham
Gary and Susan Cogdill
April Cogdill
Justin and Courtney Colbert
Beau Colbert
Idamall Collins
Tamara Collins
Steve Collins
Lani Cook
Elijah Cooke
Tamarah Cornette
Maria Corvantes
Kathryn Cothren
Brooke Cox
Ryan and Deanna Cox
Tammy Cox
Amy Cristofer
Rob Crumpton
Gabe Culverhnise
Nhin Dang
Marie Davis
Misty and Alex Davis
Lucinda Davis
Pat Day
Dustin Deal
Whitney Deal
Randy Deal
Barbara Denny
Simret Dev-Raman
Kimberly Devine
Laurencene Dillard
Dustin and Melissa Dingee
Ethan, Michael, Debi Dingee
James A Doll
Jimmy Dula
Karlie Dula
Dylan Dula
Denny Dula
Rossalyn Duncan
Katie Duncan
Andrew Duncan
Nori Duncan
Toni Dutcher
Ginger Edmiston
Mildred Edminston
Sandra Elledge
Ronald Elledge
Iizchel Eller
Leah and David Eller
Wilma Elmore
Jada Emerson
Marjorie Erikson-Schmid
Ahmed Elnaggar
P&J Express
Mrs Fagen
Leonard G. Herring Family Foundation
Erika Faw
Jackie Felts
Pam Ferguson
Foothills Insurance and Financial Services
Doug Fletcher
Heather Forrest
Sarah Foster
The Stone Foundation
Andrea Frausto
Ashley Frazier
Mike Frazier
Annie Frazier
Madison Frazier
Santos Funez
Angela and Nate Fye
Carter and Maveryck Galarza
Jeannie Galvan
Jesus Galvan
Anna Gambill
Jessica Gambill
Chad Gambill
Eddie Garza
Brandi Gates
Gladys Goff
David Goodson
Judy Gorich
Jonathan Gorich
Megan Gorski
Franny Granados
Margie Grant
Robert Greene
James Greene
Marcella Greer
Anna Griggs
Scott and Terri Groce
Henry Groce
Elena Gutierrez
Abby Gutierrez
Alex Gutierrez
Lauren and Len Hagaman
Matt and Susan Hagaman
Ted and Joyce Hagaman
Sean Hall
Bob Ham
Linda Hamrick
Evan and Victoria Handy
Julie Hamilton
Michael Harless
Joe and Christine Harper
Rayne Hatfield
Brittany Hayes
Billy Hayes
Yuka Hayes
Elizabeth Haynes
Eula Haynes
Jeffrey Haynes
Kasey Haynes
Jean Hefner
Lee Henley
Jim Henson
J.C. Hernanden
Lynda Herndon
Drew Herndon
Jackie Herndon
David Herndon
Russ Herndon
Jude Herndon
Jennie Hicks
Iris Hilton
Joe Hilton
Miriam Holbrook
Lourdes Holbrook
Jennifer Holman
Danny and Jennifer Holman
Lisa Holman
Sara Holman
Chris Holman
Spectrum Hospitality
Caylee Houck
Landon and Ashley House
Naw Htwe
Chuck Hubbard
Mauri Hudler
John Blake Hudler
Jim Hudson
Dan and Liz Huffman
Jan and Dennis Huggins
Zil Huma
Sandra Hunter
Megan Hutchins
Alisha and Ronnie Huskey
Deal Insurance
Daniel and Kate Isom
Dale and Michelle Isom
Julianna Isom
Edgar Ivan
Anne James
Jason and Erica James
Fangd James
Kayla Jarvis
Braylen Jarvis
Malinda Jarvis
Hadley Jarvis
Daniel and Taylor Jarvis
Avri Jarvis
Isaha Jasim
Kelly Jauel
Abby Jimenez
Emily Call Jenkins
Justin Johnson
Kenneth and Sandy Johnson
Bryan Johnson
Rosa Johnson
Danny Johnson
Penny Johnson
Ross Johnson
Erica Johnson
Jackie Johnson
Melody Johnston
Blaine Johnston
Edward Jones
Katherine Kelly
David Key
Julie Kov
Ruthanne Lackey
Mary Lankford
Donna LaPlante
Enedina Lara
Francisco Lara
Randi Laws
Norma Jean Laws
Devin Leonard
Linda Little
Sheryl Long
Pete and Wilma Lovette
Phyllis Lowe
Queenie Lu
Peter Lu
Laura Byrd Luffman
Devin Lyall
Ken Lyall
Bradley Lyon
Teena Macemore
Doug Mallory
Raquel Marroquin
Carolyn Mastin
Brandon Martin
Danna Martinez
Enrique Martinez
Emily Martinez
Shannon Massengill
Ivy Massengill
Jerry and Carolyn Mastin
David Mastin
Gloria Mastin
Chit Mat
Amber Mathis
Todd, Lisa, and Amber Mathis
Brittany Mathis
Matt and Tammy Matthews
Missy Mayberry
Mac and Stephanie Mayberry
Pam and Drew Mayberry
James and Susan McBride
Kendall McCain
Takiyah McCathern
Carol McCann
Julie McCurdy
Jayne McGregor
Wade McInnis, III
Hank McManus
Traci McManus
Regina McNeil
Jason and Erica McNeill
Terry McNeill, Jr.
Terry McNeill, Sr.
Kayla Menjivar
Linda Messick
Catherine Messick
Ann Miller
Anne Miller
Brittany Miller
Lois Miller
Tyler Miller
Brandy Miller
Greyson Miller
Shannon Miller
Rachel Minick
Linda Minton
Lauren Minton
Kandice Minton
Alisha Minton
Jeff and Angel Minton
Ishaq Mohamed
Judith Montoya
Selena Montoya
Judith Montoya
Grayson Moore
Ricky and Terry Moore
Greg and Jennifer Moore
Cesar Morales
Abagail Morales
Ervin Morales
Dave Morlando
Denise Morris
Russ Morris
Betty Morris
Van Morris
Cooper Morris
Janet Morrison
Heritage Motors
Mindy Munsey
Alan Munsey
Jack Munsey
Dellarene Myers
Kimberly Myers
Ivy Myers
Tana Myers
Nobel Naing
Jacklyn Nestor
Ngoc Nga
Alice Nightingale
LeAnna O'Dell
Bonnie and Pat Osborne
Teagan Owens
Ella Owens
Bella Owens
Portante Clan Construction LLC
Amelia Pardez
Patti Parker
Jessica Parker
Lakin Parks
Tim and Shelia Parson
Hina Patel
Kailas Patel
Rajendra Patel
Hiral Patel
Sangitaben Patel
Santosh Patel
Komal Patel
Klewkleh Paw
TJ Payne
Steve and Dawn Penland
Jessica Pennell
Fredis Perdomo
Donnie Perry
Waggles Pet Supply
Ann Phillips
JaaSiyah Pinkney
Kelly Pipes
James Pipes, III
Heather Powell
David Potts
Seth Prevette
Foothills Pro Service
Michael and Janice Propst
Toni Pruitt
Caleigh Raymer
Cagney Reeves
Courtlyn Reeves
Melinda Reavis
Judy Reeves
Fletcher and Sherry Reeves
Kathy Reynolds
Carla Reins
Athene Rhoades
Jenny Richardson
Brenda Rider
Kathleen Robertson
Scott and Angie Robinson
Mary Rolenberry
Donna Rollins
Amy Rollins
Sam Rollins
Julissa Romero
Kelly and Alan Roten
Sara Roten
Ravi Roy
Amber Rubio
Marix Sa
Jeannie Salvan
Angela Scott
Don's Seafood
Yadkin Valley Motor Service Department
Matthew Settle
Janine Severt
Dorothy Sheets
Anna Shelton
Daniel and Becky Sheets
Scott Sheomerts
Rhonda L. Shepherd
Sam Shew
Htee Shi
Scott Shoemaker
Tony Shoemaker
Alavia Shoemaker
Brandon and Erica Shore
Karen Shore
Bill Shotto
Ayden Shumate
Tabitha Shumate
Michael and Angel Sidden
Denise Sidden
Catrina Simmons
Kimberly Sluder
Denise Sluder
Carol Smith
Lesa Smith
Janice Souther
Beckie Spears
Will Spears
Mary Spears
Janet St. John
Jessica Staley
Devin and Sallie Staley
Ginna Staley
Sarah Stalnaker
Katie Steele
Taylor Stinson
Matt Stone
Alicia Stone
Callie Stone
Canaan Stone
Lacy Stone
Nathaniel Stone
Samuel Stone
Joey Stone, Sr.
Joey and Holly Stone
School Street Storage
H.G. Greene's Store
Skyla Sturgill
Arabella Sturgill
Mary Sallie and Rick Styers
Jerry and Diane Swaim
Jennifer Taylor
Klaire Ashlyn Taylor
Greg Teaster
Travis Tellent
Conner Tevepaugh
Melissa Thomas
Charlie Thomas
Studio Three Sixty
Enrique Tinez
Omar Tomlinson
Maria Torres
Stacy Treat
Diane Triplett
Norah Triplett
Leah Triplett
Ruby Triplette
Melissa Turbyfill
Lyla Turbyfill
Patricia Turner
Brian Tyler
Gillian Tuttle
JoAnna Van Noy
Valencia Van Orsdel
Jordan Vance
Gladys Ventura
Victoria Villapando
Corina Villapando
Moni Villapando
Kayla Wagoner
Caitlin Walker
Jim Warden
Kaye Warren
Laura Waterhouse
Lee Watson
Scott Watts
Charlene Webb
Laura Welborn
Mary White
Kendra Whitley
Jennifer Whitman
Rachel Whitmore
Raven Whitmore
Phil Whitson
Abby Whitson
Michael Widerman
Nick Wilcox
Ethan Williams
Rayden Williams
Kgoun Win
Karen Wolford
Bill and Irene Woodruff
Window World
Cameron and Nicole Wright
Cathy Wyatt
Vicky Wyatt
Barry Yarborough
Elaine Younger
Austin Youngquist
The Youngs
Randy Zirkle
Dave and Deb
Tim and Randi