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Public Notice

It's School Supply Time

Please find below our supply list for 2021-2022.  We've tried to keep our requirements to basics, and we hope that you can take advantage of good deals at local stores.  
Please gather the items you can for your student based on their grade level.  The simple items work best, and while we know kids love the bells and whistles, we find that the basics work best and last the longest.  
Composition books are the black/white (other colors okay too) kind that are sewn in the middle but don't have the spiral wires.  They are not spiral bound and are not three-ring binders.
Students use several computer programs that require them to wear ear buds or headphones.  Ear buds are good for older students, but we find that younger students (K and 1) have difficulty keeping them in their ears.  We recommend simple over the headphones for younger students.
Pre-k students generally don't need any supplies, but we recommend that pre-k students bring a small bookbag / backpack, a complete change of clothes, and a small blanket / comfort item if needed.
We have refillable water stations at all of our fountains.  Please send a non-breakable (plastic, metal are good but no glass please) water bottle that your child can refill each day.  
We realize the list is long, so gather what you can.  Please label your child's supplies with their name.
If you need help getting school supplies for your child, please contact school counselor Sara Carlton after August 11 at 336-838-4261, carltons@wilkes.k12.nc.us, or on ClassDojo.  She can help you getting other things your child may need.
We've attached a file for downloading below.  We'll see you soon!