Wilkesboro Elementary School

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S.O.A.R. Stay safe, Outstanding attitude, Always respectful, Responsible.
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Parents » School Supply List

School Supply List

Wilkesboro Elementary School

Supply List



Book Bag (no wheels)

1 pair of standard headphones

Expo Markers

Scissors - blunt end (Fiskar)

2 packs of pencils

3 - 6 packs of glue sticks

2 - 24 packs of crayons

Pencil box/pencil bag

1 Composition notebook (Black and White)

**One full change of clothes (including underwear) in a bag

with the child’s name on it**

First grade

Book Bag (no wheels)

2 dozen #2 pencils

Crayola Crayons (24-pack)

1 composition notebook

6 Glue sticks per child

Fiskar Scissors (Blunt End)

Zipper Pencil bag

Inexpensive clipboard

4 Large pink erasers

2 - 1st grade ruled writing tablet/paper

1 pack Dry erase markers

Second grade

3 Composition Notebooks

    (NOT spiral bound)

4 packs of  #2 Pencils

4 packs Wide rule notebook


1 Folder with 3 hole punches

2 packs of 24 Crayons

1 pair Safety scissors (Fiskar)

4 Big Glue sticks

1 1-inch 3 ring binder

1 Pencil pouch for binders

1 Pack dry erase markers

Third grade

Book Bag (no wheels)

3 Boxes of #2 Pencils

2 Boxes of 24 Crayola Crayons

Pencil Bags (no boxes) w/holes

5 packs of Glue Sticks (no gel)

5 Composition Notebooks wide ruled (not spiral) -black and white cow print

1  pack of Dry Erase Markers

4 packs of Pencil top Erasers

1 pack of Crayola wide tip markers

1 pack of Crayola skinny tip markers

1 Clipboard (brown)

Fourth grade

Book Bag (no wheels)


Pack of Crayons

Colored Pencils

4  one subject spiral notebooks(100 pg. minimum)

Pencil Bag                    

2 packs Notebook paper (wide ruled)

2 packs Yellow #2 Pencil

1 pack Highlighters

4 packs Glue Sticks

2 packs pencil top erasers

2 packs dry erase markers

2 Folders

Fifth grade

4 - 2 pocket folders w/brads

2 packs of Colored pencils

Pencil bag (no boxes) w/holes

1 pair ear buds

5 Composition books

1 pair of scissors

2 3x5 in. index cards

3 packs Notebook paper (wide ruled)

2 packs yellow #2 Pencils

(Ticonderoga preferred)

4 packs Highlighters

5 packs Glue sticks

2 packs pencil top erasers

4 packs dry erase markers

Optional Items to donate to your child’s classroom:

Kleenex, Liquid Soap, Small Pencil sharpeners, Hand Sanitizer/GermX,

Sandwich, Quart, and Gallon Size Slider Ziploc bags, Clorox/Lysol Wipes,

Lysol Spray, Small items/ individually wrapped candy for treat boxes and prizes,

Paper towels, Copy paper